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Believe it or not spring isn’t too far away and with it the opening day of the new season on Saturday 18th April.

If you are interested at trying your hand at outdoor bowling, we will be holding Open Mornings for prospective new members starting at 10am 
on Saturday 25th April and Sunday

3rd May.

For further details please call our Membership Secretary,
Peter Openshaw on 01707 657812.

Our new WELCOME board, which is now situated at the entrance to the club ground and welcomes you and will advertise at the time the names of visiting bowls clubs. The new board was very kindly sponsored by our 2018 President, Susie Thurlow.

Just a reminder:

Tuesday afternoon Bridge
Started Tuesday 22nd October and will continue every Tuesday, please arrive at 1.15pm. There is space for new players for those that wish to attend. Please contact Martin Eccleshall for further details.


Thursdays is Cribbage Night
from 7.30 - 9.30pm.

Arrive 7.15 for 7.30pm start.

Last of the Weekly Cribbage evenings 2019

Other sessions take place during the summer months.
Contact Bob Maule/Mick Brennan for further details.

Club news/photos
If you have any photos or articles for possible inclusion in our next "View From The Green" newsletter. Please send to David Arnold.

Potters Bar Bowls Club's Website
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Minutes of October Management Committee Meeting 2018

Minutes of January Management Committee Meeting 2019

The "Green"


Men's Indoor Fixtures
the following indoor games have been arranged:

Monday 24th February 2020 : Hatfield
Greys  T&B  4 rinks  2.30pm

Saturday 29th February 2020 : Glebelands
Whites  T&B  4 rinks  2.30pm

Thursday 26th March 2020 : Watford
Greys  T&B  4 rinks  2.00pm

Selection lists are up in the Clubhouse main hall.
Please support the Club and add your names to these lists. You don't need to be an indoor player to add
your name. Please contact Steve Hipperson if more
information is needed.


Ladies Indoor Fixtures
the following indoor games have been arranged:

Monday 17th February 2020 : Harpenden
Whites  T&B  4 rinks  triples 2.00pm

Wednesday 18th March 2020 : Glebelands
Greys  T&B  4 rinks  triples 2.30pm

Please contact Jean Scott if more information is needed.


Potters Bar Bowls Club's down
under correspondent sends a
message to all members

An update from Colin Malone, message
received by David Arnold.

We had some rain at the end of last week and on Monday (it rained for 12 hours non stop).  This has controlled the fires and put most of them out in Victoria.   The rain was very dirty with all the orange dust and smoke in it.

I have only been in the winning team at bowls once since I have been here.  We get to 10-3 up after 9/10 ends and have a tea break and then loose it in the 2nd half but will keep trying.

Thank you for sending the photos.  It keeps Janet’s morale up.  However at least the weather has been reasonable for building purposes so they should not have lost much time as a result of weather conditions.

We have been at the Aussie Open tennis a few times over the last 2 weeks.  Our grand daughter is one of the ball kids this year.  A very good experience for her and gives her something to occupy her during the school holidays.  She was on Rod Laver Court last week handing the towel to Nadal.  What an experience for her.  However she did have to stay to 1.30am on another night with a late game.

I hope you and all at the club are OK.  Also I hope you and family are OK.  I have signed up as an associate member of the bowls club for 2020.  

We have a couple of hot days coming up - 39C/41C but weather has been very pleasant.

Very best wishes



Retirement of a "couple" of Greenkeepers at end of the summer season 2018

Sadly we announce that Sandra and Rod Smale have decided to concentrate on cutting their own grass at home after four years at PBBC.

The Management Committee, Green Team and all members of PBBC are very grateful for the tremendous contribution that Sandra and Rod have made in keeping our bowling green surface in tip top condition. We wish them both well in their retirement.

In 2017 they were awarded the coverted IOG Industry Award "Greenkeeper/Team" of the year.




A further article on our the Green Team will appear shortly

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SADLBA & SADBA Competition Final/Results

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Lifetime Award for Graham Marriner

Some of the fixtures that took place towards the end of our summer season:

Saturday 7th September SADBA Finals at
Potters Bar. Champion of Champions
Winner: R.Payne, Hemel Hempstead
Runner up: Ron Golden, Potters Bar

Steve Howe Officers Singles
Winner: David Salmon, Potters Bar
Runner up: Alan Munford, Hemel Hempstead

Herts Advertiser Pairs Trophy
Winners: B. Parkes, M. Trembling, Batchwood 
Runners Up: David Salmon and Richard Pearce, Potters Bar

Sunday 8th September SADLBA Finals at
Harpenden. Championship Singles
Winner: Alison Hall, Hatfield

Runner up: Pam Rogers, Potters Bar

SADLBA Triples
Winners: Jackie Bell, Mary Banks, Alison Hall, Hatfield

Runners up: Pam Rogers, Anita Bowman, Ann Wood, Potters Bar

SADLBA Pairs. Monday 9th September
Winners: Diane Jewell, Pam Rogers, Potters Bar
Runners up: Sandra Field, Sue Burbidge,
North Mymms

Saturday 2nd November Annual Dinner Dance & Presentations evening (see "Events" drop down menu)

Monday 13th January 2020

Bar Bowlers work and play 

Potters Bar Bowls Club organises many winter functions to ensure members are able to keep in touch with each other during the close season.

Weekly Cribbage evenings have proved increasingly popular over the past two years. Bob Maule & Mick Brennan regularly have to set out ten tables each week, as forty members attend for their cribbage ‘fix’.

New Years Eve saw over fifty members join together to herald in 2020. Eileen & Steve Anchor co-ordinated decorations, entertainment and a delicious buffet.

In order to ensure that these social functions can continue, the club recently held its AGM to elect club officers for the coming year. Over 70 members attended, and following the usual business items, last year’s President Bill Burrows thanked members for their tremendous support which included raising the excellent sum of £2000 for his chosen charity, the Essex & Herts Air Ambulance.

Bill Burrows seen here having handed over the chain of office to incoming president Jan Southwell. Southwell told assembled members that he thought it a huge privilege and honour to be invited to take on the role. He went on to say that he was committed to do his utmost for the club and thanked the outgoing president and management team for looking after the club so well during 2019. He welcomed Steve Hipperson as his Deputy President.

Southwell announced that his charity this year would be,
"Fight Bladder Cancer". This organisation is the patient and carer-led specialist charity for bladder cancer in the UK. There are over 18,000 new cases of bladder cancer diagnosed annually in England and it is the 5th most common cancer overall – the 4th most common cancer in men.  He said that he had personal experience of this type of cancer having lost his brother in law to the disease. Proceeds from the president’s annual Gala Day in August will go to the charity.

The club always needs new members and invite people to come along and try the game. Look out for details of their Open days in May/ June when you will be most welcome. Peter Openshaw, Membership Secretary would welcome a call from you and will be pleased to give you more information. He can be contacted on 01707 657812.

David Arnold, Press Secretary, PBBC

Affiliated to: B.E., H.B., St A. & D. B.A., St A & D. L. B.A., F & D. B.A.