Outdoor bowling within the community

Rink Booking Instructions

Booking a Rink

1. There are a number of different display modes in the calendar (Tabs at the top of the calendar) but leave it in the default Week view – it should show the current week. Click on the arrow at the right hand side and it should bring up a normal date calendar – choose the date, ie.1st June, our start day/week should now be shown.

Click in the calendar – preferably on the day/time slot that you are interested in 
booking a rink but not on an existing entry; this will bring up a separate dialogue box.


Sample only:


Enter the Rink Number you are interested in booking.
Select the day and the time for the rink that you want to book from the dropdown options (make sure the times correspond to one of the daily sessions 10AM – 12PM; 1PM – 3PM; 3.30PM – 5.30PM ; 6PM – 8PM.

Click the Calendar box and select the from the menu; click on the Rink No. you are booking from the six options. (Note: Even though you may already have put the Rink Number in the Enter Rink No. box above, enter the same rink number here). Enter Member(s) name(s). Leave all other boxes blank!
If your entry is questioned by the system – please check everything that you have entered carefully and amend accordingly.

Finally click on the green SAVE button at the top right of the box to save the entry. The details you have just entered should then be shown in the calendar.