Outdoor bowling within the community

Annual Dinner & Dance/

Presentation of Club Competitions Results 2019

Presentation of Awards made by the President William T Burrows

Collins Trophy winners:
Janice Gower & Barry Woodman
Runners up: Sue Powers &
Richard Pearce

Debut Cup winner: Jean Scott
Runner up: Wendy Clark

Hayward Cup winners:
David Arnold & Ron Golden
Runners up: Peter Openshaw & Barry Bowman

Hicks Trophy winner: Jan Southwell
Runner up: David Arnold

Hodgkinson Cup winners:
Beryl Burbridge & Anita Bowman
Runners up: Di Jewell &
Carol Stewart

Jones Cup winner: Barry Woodman
Runner up: Peter Openshaw

Jubilee Trophy winner: Di Jewell
Runner Up: Anita Bowman

Lewin Shield  winners:
Chris Budden & Brian Vince
Runners up: Peter Openshaw & David Salmon

Medlock Trophy winner:
Colin Malone

Runner Up: Barry Woodman

St Albans Salver winner:
Ron Golden

Runner Up: Richard Pearce

Sawyer Cup winner: Richard Pearce
Runner up: David Salmon

Theobalds Cup winner:
Pam Rodgers

Runner up: Di Jewell (above)

Wagtail Trophy winner: Di Jewell
Runner Up: Jean Scott

Barker Cup winner: Di Jewell
Runner Up: Pat Feeney

Championship Trophy winner:
Richard Pearce

Runner Up: Martin Eccleshall

Tansey Cup winners:
Chris Gregory & David Sparrow
Runners up: Janet O'Hagan & Mike Birchell

Dearman Cup winner:
Iris Geers
Runner up: Andrew Billington

Troake Cup winners:
Ron Golden & Brian Bell (above)
Dave Redington

Catchpole winner: Charles Oates
Runner up: Les Chesson
(no photograph available)

Ladies Championship Trophy
winner: Di Jewell

Mens Championship Trophy winner: Richard Pearce

Thanks to the Ladies who organised the evening

After the Dinner and Presentation of Club Competitions the evening became more relaxed.

Affiliated to: B.E., H.B., St A. & D. B.A., St A & D. L. B.A., F & D. B.A.