Outdoor bowling within the community

 Club Officers

President: Sue Thurlow
Vice President: William T Burrows
Hon. Secretary: Graham Marriner
Hon. Treasurer: Terry Barker
Captain (Men): Colin Malone
Vice Captain (Men): Chris Budden
Captain (Ladies): Rita Hamshere
Vice Captain (Ladies): Diane Jewell
Hon. Match Secretary: David Salmon
Match & Comp. Secretary (Ladies): Beryl Burbridge
Hon. Membership Secretary: Peter Openshaw
Hon. Competitions Secretary: Colin Malone
Green Keepers: Sandra and Rod Smale
Bar Chairperson: Terry Barker
Maintenance Chairperson: Brian Hamshere
Press Officer: David Arnold
Website: John Berry
Child Protection Officer: Brian Hamshere
Social Chairperson: Steve Anchor
Welfare Officer: Sue Powers
Trustees: Stuart Frost, Anne Throup,
Ron Golden
Auditors: D.E.Salmon,  Bob Maule


Club Coaching Team:

Graham Marriner

Brian Burfoot

Sandra Smale

Pam Rodgers

Beryl Burbridge

Roy Tansey

Steve Anchor

Colin Malone



Brian Vince

Diane Jewell

Steven Jewell

Sue Thurlow



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Affiliated to: B.E., H.B., St A. & D. B.A., St A & D. L. B.A., F & D. B.A.