Outdoor bowling within the community

PBBC Annual Dinner & Prize Giving 2018

Saturday 17th November at Old Fold Manor Golf Club

Collins Cup Winners
Anita Bowman & Steve Jewell
Runners up Linda Bell &
Barry Woodman

Debut Cup Winner
June Munn being presented with
Debut Cup by Susie Thurlow
Runner up Wendy Clark

Hayward Cup Winners
Richard Pearce & Stuart Frost
Runners up Steve Jewell &
Bill Massey

Hicks Cup Winner
Steve Jewell

Runner up Alan Clark

Hodgkinson Cup 2017 Winners
Sue Thurlow & Janice Gower

Runners up Pat Thompson &
Pam Rodgers

Hodgkinson Cup 2018 Winners
Jean Scott & Pam Rodgers
Runners up Ann Wood &
Sue Powers

Jones Cup Winner
Brian Hamshere

Runner up Terry Barker

Jubilee Cup Winner
Anita Bowman
Runner up Beryl Burbridge

Lewin Shield Winners
Brian Hamshere & Richard Pearce

Runners up Ron Golden & Terry Barker

Medlock Cup Winner
Richard Pearce

Runner up David Salmon

St Albans Salver Winner
Peter Openshaw
Runner up David Salmon

Sawyer Cup Winner
Colin Malone

Runner up Richard Pearce

Theobald Cup Winner
Rita Hamshere
Runner up Diane Jewell

Wagtail Cup Winner
Anita Bowman

Runner up Rita Hamshere

Yardley Cup Winners
Iris Geers, Dee Lawrence & Ann Throup
Beryl Burbridge stood in for Iris Geers

Barker Cup Winner
Sue Powers
Runner up Pat Feeney

Catchpole Winner
Charles Oates
Runner up Les Chesson

Championship Cup Winner
Ron Golden

Runner up Richard Pearce

Dearman Cup Winner
Alan Dick
Runner up Sue Thurlow

Jim Sales Salver Cup
John Berry & Diane Berry

Troake Cup Winners
Les Chesson, Brian Bell, Alan Clark
Runners up Mick Brennan,
Bill Burrows, Colin Malon

Anne Clarke Plate
Rita Hamshere

Malc Cup Winner
Mary Steed

The final of the Partridge Cup
Chris Budden vs Peter Openshaw
will be played at the beginning of the
2019 season








Affiliated to: B.E., H.B., St A. & D. B.A., St A & D. L. B.A., F & D. B.A.