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Terry Barker : President 2017
Potters Bar Bowls Club.

Congratulations on being elected Junior
Vice President of Hertfordshire Bowls at the County AGM on the 6th January 2018.

This is a particularly significant
event as Terry will be President in 2020 the Centenary of Herts Bowls.

Found during a clear out of the back office. Now hanging in the mens changing room. Any clues to who these members might be?

An page from "A Century of Bowling in Hertfordshire 1920-2020" by Nigel Woor

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Graham Marriner
Seen here with Viv Tomlinson B.E. President was awarded the coveted Bowls England Certificate of Merit at the Herts Bowls County Annual Dinner on the 15th November 2017.

Tony Allcock, Chief Executive of B.E.
wrote “it is a great honour to award this Certificate of Merit.
You have made a wonderful contribution to the sport of bowls over a long period of time and this has been recognised by Bowls England”.

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Life Time Award

The Hertfordshire Service to Sports Awards 2018 was held at the University of Hertfordshire on 27th Nov to a full house of sports men and women. Graham Marriner of Potters Bar Bowls Club received a Lifetime Achievement Award is recognition of his dedicated service to the sport of Bowls stretching back for more than 20 years. Sky Sport’s F1 commentator David Croft was the Host at this prestigious Event and he gave the citation to audience that covered Graham’s four Presidential roles; Club, St Albans & District BA, Easter Counties BA and Herts Bowls and for the last 10 years he has been Herts Bowls Development and Safety Officer. Graham is in this 14th year as the Club Secretary and has also held two terms as Club Captain.

Graham’s service to his Sport also includes 10 years as Chairman Bowls Development Alliance; National Tutor and Assessor of bowlers aspiring to become L1 and L2 coaches. In this time he has tutored over 220 bowlers across eleven counties who have become qualified coaches. Herts Sports Partnership described Graham’s contribution to the Sport of Bowls as exemplary and fully deserving of their Lifetime Achievement Award.

PBBC Wins IOG National Award

Sandra and Rod Smale have been awarded the prestigious Industry Award of Bowling Greenkeeper/Team of the Year 2017.

They work tirelessly throughout the year to deliver an ever improving playing surface.

Club members offer them both sincere thanks and share their obvious delight on receiving this national recognition.

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The "Green"

If you wonder what happens to the green when bowling finishes for the season, read on…..

As soon as the bowling season finishes, this is when the hard work begins. First the ditches are vacuumed, ditch mats are removed, cleaned and stored, and the green is brushed and mown, any weeds are removed, and broken edges are repaired and held in place with blocks of wood. Then the green is hollow-cored, which removes many thousands of small plugs from the green, and these are all collected up – nearly two tons of them – and put in bags to slowly compost, ready for use as topsoil next summer/autumn. Then the green is thoroughly scarified, taking out an enormous amount of “thatch”, which is heaped up to compost (which will be turned at least once a week through the winter, so that it will be perfect usable compost by early spring). The green is thoroughly vacuum-cleaned, and then a specially selected mixture of grass seeds is sown over the green, and brushed and watered in. Then we hope for three weeks of warm weather to enable the seed to successfully germinate. The grass will be given lots of tender loving care through the winter to hopefully provide a good bowling surface when we re-open next spring.

Apart from looking after the new grass, the green team will be busy switching wormcasts away, and brushing the dew off each morning, as well as smartening up any scruffy or mossy edges, fixing worn or damaged banks, and sorting out uneven areas. All this, of course, is in addition to the year-round gardening jobs to keep the hedges, verges and flowerbeds looking good, and the winter refurbishing of rink markers, nets and machinery.

It’s called “putting the green to bed” but in fact it becomes a hive of activity which continues through the winter in all weathers.

Retirement of a "couple" of Greenkeepers at end of the summer season 2018

Sadly we announce that Sandra and Rod Smale have decided to concentrate on cutting their own grass at home after four years at PBBC.

The Management Committee, Green Team and all members of PBBC are very grateful for the tremendous contribution that Sandra and Rod have made in keeping our bowling green surface in tip top condition. We wish them both well in their retirement.

In 2017 they were awarded the coverted IOG Industry Award "Greenkeeper/Team" of the year.