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Presidents Message 2020


Jan Southwell, President PBBC 2020/21


Thank you for electing me to be your President for the 2020 season.
I am especially proud to have been chosen to serve as your President in the 91st year of our club.

My charity this year is Fight Bladder Cancer (FCB) and is the patient and carer-led specialist charity for bladder cancer in the UK. There are over 18,000 new cases of bladder cancer diagnosed annually in England and it is the 5th most common cancer overall – the 4th most common cancer
in men. Bladder Cancer has long been described as ‘the working man’s cancer’ because there is a significant link with historically male dominated industries - in particular rubber, dye, manufacturing, chemical and work with diesel fumes.

Fight Bladder Cancer is a very small, but national charity, founded in 2009 by Andrew Winterbottom, himself a patient, who experienced first-hand the fear and isolation of being diagnosed with bladder cancer. Thanks to his vision, the charity now provides information to over 3,000 people every month via its website and supports over 4,700 people on a confidential online support forum. The charity works hard on raising awareness, improving standards of care, influencing medical research and working to achieve better quality of life for people affected  by the disease.

Bladder Cancer is a prolific but underfunded ‘Cinderella’ cancer which lacks a high-profile campaign and urgently needs increased public awareness. People just haven’t heard of it which adds to the isolation and fear. Less than 1% of research into cancer is spent on bladder cancer in the UK yet it has one of the highest cancer recurrence rates, leading to a lifetime of tests and uncertainty. Quote from FCB, "Sadly Andrew, the founder died in 2019 but his legacy continues and we really do appreciate Jan choosing Fight Bladder Cancer as his President's Charity for 2020. The money that the Club will raise during the next year will help to fund skilled staff who are at the end of the phone or email and provide reassuring support, information and advice to patients and family members".The charity helps people all over the UK and really does make a big difference to their lives.

Please also reserve Saturday 15th August in your diaries as that will be my Charity Gala Day at the club.

To all of you, I say welcome to a new season and I wish you every success in life and on the green.


 Jan Southwell


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The Presidential Chain of Office

Beautifully crafted in fine polished gold coloured metal, the
pendant shows in fine detail the engraved enamelled replica of
the Potters Bar Bowls Club's emblem, depicting the coat of arms
of Hertfordshire.

The Presidential Chain of Office contains the names of 30 elected Presidents since 1983, their names being engraved with their year of office. Presently archives are being sought to establish their predecessors of this Chain of Office. Photographic reference of Past Presidents dating back to 1936, are on display in the Club House.