Outdoor bowling within the community


Please familiarise yourself with
the above Poster

Playing Guidelines for our members following the Government Start-Up Document and the Bowls England guidance 14 May 2020.

Who can play?
All members who are not in the self-shielding category (these are people who received a letter from the Government advising a twelve week stay at home period). Over 70’s need to take extra care and remember to follow the Government advice.

What form of bowls is available?
At this stage only roll ups between two people playing singles are possible although three or four people from the same household can play together.

Can I just turn up at the Club and play?

NO! The club will be operating a booking system via the Club website. Those without IT are encouraged to ask a friend or fellow member to do their booking. There will be three rinks available to start with, either 1, 3 and 5 or 2, 4 and 6. This will help with social distancing issues.

Sessions will last two hours at the following times:

10 am to 12 noon, 1pm to 3 pm, 3.30pm to 5.30 pm and 6pm to 8 pm

As is our normal practice, the Green will remain closed for maintenance on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. On these days the first session will be 1pm to 3pm providing a maximum of 150 bookings each week.
How many times per week can I play?
To give everyone a chance, initially we ask you not to book more than three sessions in a week. (This will increase if we have spare capacity). Please spare a thought for those who still work during the day. NB. No member allowed to play unless they have a booking.

How do I prepare for a game of bowls?
Do not arrive at the Green more than 10 minutes before your booked time. If you are early wait in the car park. If you travel by car do not take a lift from or offer a lift to anyone who is not a member of your household. You should arrive dressed for play carrying your bowls and needing only to change into bowls shoes. It would be wise to bring only what is necessary for the game. The club house including the kitchen will be closed other than for those who need to use the toilets. Any toilet used must be thoroughly sanitised by the user. It would be helpful to bring your own personal sanitiser to complement what the club provides.

Remember to keep to the social distancing rule. Unless you and your partner are from the same household keep 2 metres apart at all times.

Green Equipment & Facilities use

THE CLUB HOUSE WILL BE CLOSED but will be open for members needing to use the toilets and collect mats and jacks from tables in the main hall, entry and exit via the main doors only. No visits to the sheds will be necessary. The mats and jacks should be sanitised before use. There will be no ‘pushers’, 2 metre poles and score boards. Neither will nets be used. Should any damage occur on the green the play on the rink concerned must immediately cease. Each player should have his/her own jack and mat to avoid cross contamination, (not necessary if from the same household). The placing of the jack can be by placement or casting; straightening (by foot). After the game mats and jacks should be returned to the hall after sanitising.


NO spectators or visitors will be admitted to the club until further notice. The only non-players will be a member of the “Start up Team” who will be there for a few days to supervise as members get used to the new practices.

Leaving after finishing your game

Please leave within 10 minutes of finishing your game, ensuring your mats and jacks have been sanitised and returned to the pavilion. Please take away any rubbish. There will be no bins available.


We are doing everything we can to arrange some bowling in these difficult times. Please ask if you are not sure. Please also remember that the decision to play lies with each member and any bowler using our facilities does so under our normal terms and conditions accepting all liability.

Thank you for your support and understanding.