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Our green gates are one of the
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Then there is also the Welcome
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The Welcome Board was kindly donated by our 2018 President
Susie Thurlow.

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That was a very special
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A new member in memory of a club stalwart.

Brian Hamshere often spoke of his ambition to create a "bowls man", but sadly was unable fulfil his ambition, so Terry White did it for him and called him "Brian".

Potters Bar Bowls Club member Terry White with Brian.

Article submitted by member of the Green Team titled "Nail Care".

This is a story with a happy ending. It is not about my fingernails but the Net Nails! I came for a roll up recently and nets were requested to be in use. I carried two sets of net nails with other equipment from the shed and got part way to my rink and realised I had been spilling the nails out of their wooden blocks! I had thought they would be tightly in the wood blocks but over time they have become a little loose. Horrified at my clumsiness I began searching and back tracking to find the missing nails. I found most of the nails but two nails seemed to have disappeared! I know there is a very serious consequence if a nail gets caught up in our green machinery so I was very determined to find the missing nails. Suffice to say I found them – two had come out as I left the equipment shed and had actually bounced back under the shed. By getting down as all good bowlers do! I was able to see under the shed entrance and there were the missing nails. So there is a happy ending but this is a cautionary tale to us all to be very careful with the nails. A missing nail on the green or in the surrounds could lead to a cost of many thousands of pounds in equipment or personal damage and nobody wants that sort of stress. So, please be careful.

Steven Jewell


The President's Gala
Saturday 20th August 2022.

Steve Hipperson's chosen Charity

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Yardley Cup Winners
Monday 27th June 2022

Mary Steed, Pam Barker, Janet O'Hagen

Great News
SADBA Stockman Winser
After a thrilling match at Harperbury on Sunday 17th July
Di and Steve Jewell, Beryl Burbridge and Dave Sparrow drew back from 19 -7 down to win by one shot on an extra end. They now play the final on the 3rd September. Location to be announced.

"Vasen" Trophy Two wood triples
David Salmon, Richard Pearce and David Arnold have reached the semi finals.

They play S.Wilson from St. Albans on the 24th August 2022 at Potters Bar.

Herts Advertiser Pairs Trophy
Semi final – 22nd August 2022
D.Salmon v A. Langley at Harperbury.

Herbert Cross Triples Trophy
Semi final – 23rd August 2022
C.Budden v T. Redford at Harpenden.

Gormanbury Fours Trophy
Semi final – 25th August 2022
J.Southwell v P. Bunting at Hemel Hempstead.

After the afternoon session is ended.

Sunsets beyond the Green