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The Walk, Potters Bar, Hertfordshire EN6 1QQ
Telephone: 01707 652121 | Email:

The Walk, Potters Bar, Hertfordshire EN6 1QQ
Telephone: 01707 652121

Access to Equipment

All new bowlers are fully supported. The club will ‘loan out’ bowls (sometimes called woods) for use in playing games, especially during coaching sessions.

The club provides all the other equipment needed during a game, the mats, the jack(s), the scoreboard, the bowls pushers, the measuring sticks etc. As part of your joining subscription you are even supplied with a Club Shirt.

All bowlers wear flat soled shoes and trainers are an option though there are specialist shoes you can buy, along with small wheeled cases you can use to carry your bowls and other kit. Over time, you will probably buy other items that you use from time to time. A personal bowls measure, spray chalk (or chalk sticks), maybe some wet weather gear such as trousers and a top and yes we do play when it is wet! If you have a bad back you can use a lifter; typically constructed as a small metal device to lift up a jack or a bowl to save bending down. At present when representing our club the correct dress is grey or white trousers/skirts or green trousers. You can very easily get supplies of these items at relatively low cost. Your most prized possession will be your own bowls. You can often buy these (for a nominal sum) at our club. You might be advised to go further afield to places that sell bowls gear. Examples include the Riverain club in Letchworth or perhaps to the Bush Hill Bowls shop.

At the beginning and end of a season you will find second hand equipment displayed on tables in the main club house and these equipment items can easily be acquired for a very small donation to club funds. Whatever you do, you will find that your entry to playing bowls is low cost and high fun!

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