Outdoor bowling within the community

Additional Club Competition Finals 2021/Results



Saturday 11th September at North Mymms BC

Steve Howe Officers Singles

Winner: P. Russell, Welwyn & District
Runner up: S. Jewell, Potters Bar.



Vasen 2-woods Triples

Winners: P.Russell, J. Festa,
P.Jones, Welwyn & District.

Runners up: D. Arnold, D. Salmon,
Potters Bar.

Gorehambury Fours

Winners: Townsend
Runners up: D. Salmon,
B. Woodman,

R. Pearce, B. Vince, Potters Bar.

Herbert Cross Triples

Winners: B. Smith, D. Kinzelman,
R. Surrey, Hemel Hempstead.

Runners up: D. Salmon, R. Pearce,
D. Arnold, Potters Bar.


Harry Stanford Singles

Winner: R. Pearce, Potters Bar
Runner up: P. Russell, Welwyn & District. 



P. Scandrett SADBA Competition Secretary presented the winners trophies and runners up prizes.

B. Burfoot and J. Bartlett were Umpires on the day.


Stockman-Winser Mixed Fours

Winners: D. Sparrow, S. Jewell,
D. Jewell, B. Burbridge,
Potters Bar.

Runners up: K. O'Brien,
S. Harmon, I. O'Brien, U. Harmon,
North Mymms.




Sunday 12th September at The St Albans BC



Winners: Di Jewell and Pam Rogers, Potters Bar.
Runners up: Mary Banks and
Alison Hall, Hatfield.


Championship Singles

Winner: Alison Hall, Hatfield.
Runner up: Diane Jewell, Potters Bar.


Australian Pairs

Winners: Sue Burbidge and
Karen King, North Mymms.

Runners up: Brenda Woodman and Jean Scott, Potters Bar.


The Nethercott Cup Winners 2021

was played on Monday 19th July and the winners shown here having been presented with the Nethercott Cup are Jan Southwell, Richard Winn, Pam Rodgers, Chas Nethercott (presented the cup), Anita Bowman, Barry Bowman, Rita Hamshere, Dave Sparrow, Pat Feeney, Mick Brennan and Jean Scott. Richard Pearce and Terry Barker unavailable for photograph.


The Nethercott Cup Winners 2022
The four PB teams taking part in the Nethercott Cup were:
Sue Powers, Mick Brennan, Barry Bowman and Di Jewell .
Colin Malone, Gill Marshall, Dave Salmon and Pam Rodgers.
Ron Golden, Jackie Nicholls, Pat Feeney and
Barry Woodman.

Peter Openshaw, Susie Thurlow, Jan Southwell and
Richard Pearce.

The game took place at North Mymms BC, it’s an annual match, sponsored by Charles Nethercott, between teams from PB, North Mymms BC and Harperbury BC. The overall winners , for the second year running, were PB, winning by 30 shots ahead of runners up North Mymms.


The Dearman Cup Winner 2021

Janice Gower seen with Alan Dick who presented the cup and Colin Malone Competition Secretary.
Viv Foley and Bev Nicholls were joint runners up.

The Dearman Cup Winner 2022

Winner: Mary Dick
Runner up: Richard Pearce


President's Cup Final 2021

Potters Bar beat Cockfosters to win 19-10. David Arnold, Barry Bowman, Jan Southwell and Richard Pearce.

President's Cup Final 2022

Played at Finchley BC on Saturday 13th August.

Result: Temple Fortune 25 v. 16 Potters Bar.

John Taylor, Mike Alsford, Paul Price,
Wendy Neilson.

David Arnold, Steve Hipperson,
David Salmon, Richard Pearce.

Trophies presented by Derek Mennell, President of Finchley & North London BA.

Bob Vise Trophy 

30th August. Potters Bar v. Townsend
at North Mymms.
Runners up: Potters Bar.

Additional Club Competition Finals 2020/2019/Results


Henry Rose Team

Barry Bowman, Mick Brennen,
Bob Maule, Barry Woodman, Richard Pearce and Colin Malone.

Saturday 7th September 
SADBA Finals at Potters Bar
Champion of Champions

Winner: R.Payne, Hemel Hempstead
Runner up: Ron Golden, Potters Bar.


Herts Advertiser Pairs Trophy
Winners: B. Parkes, M. Trembling, Batchwood
Runners up: David Salmon and
Richard Pearce, Potters Bar.



Sunday 8th September
SADLBA Finals at Harpenden
Championship Singles

Winner: Alison Hall, Hatfield
Runner up: Pam Rogers, Potters Bar.


SADLBA Triples
Winners: Jackie Bell, Mary Banks,
Alison Hall, Hatfield.

Runners up: Pam Rogers, Anita Bowman,
Ann Wood, Potters Bar.


Monday 9th September
SADLBA Pairs. 
Winners: Diane Jewell, Pam Rogers,
Potters Bar.

Runners up: Sandra Field, Sue Burbidge,
North Mymms.

The Troake Cup 2021

Wednesday 22nd September,
Peter Openshaw, Richard Pearce
and Steve Jewell were presented
with the Troake Cup by competition secretary Colin Malone.




The Troake Cup 2019

was played on Sunday 18th August, the winners Brian Bell, Ron Golden and Dave Redington seen here with the Troake Cup, presented by the competition secretary Colin Malone.




The Dearman Cup Winner 2019

Iris Geers, seen here being presented with the Dearman Cup by
William T Burrows, President.




The Harvey Cup 2019

was won by the ladies team.



The Jarvis Cup 2019

was won by the mens team.



Additional Club Competition Finals 2018/Results


Troake Cup Trophy 

Winners: Alan Clark, Les Chesson,
Brian Bell, being presented with the
trophy by Susie Thurlow, President.


The Harvey Cup

Winners: Potters Bar
Runners Up: North Mymms
and Northaw & Cuffley.


The Wednesday evening League winners 2021
Lez Steed, Steve Anchor,
Pam Rodgers,
Dee Lawrence, Doug Riley.

(no photo exists)


The Wednesday evening League winners 2022
Jackie Nicholls, Mary Dick,
Mary Steed, Stephan Chachulski,
John Cardow, Frank Bradley.

(no photo available)

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