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Ladies AGM, Thursday 23rd November 2021

Ladies AGM, Thursday 23rd November 2021


The ladies Captain Jean Scott opened the meeting at 2.30 pm and welcomed the 28 Members present.

Apologies for Absence were received from Mary Dick, Julie Lucas, Diane Beaumont, Brenda Woodman, Barbara Edlin, Marion Hummel, Linda Bell, Kath Fordham and Grace Osborn.

No Meeting 2020



It seems such a long time ago that we opened the season with our Open Day on 24 April which this year had to take on a new look due to the ongoing Covid restrictions.  But once the season began we managed to continue with our full program of friendly matches, welcomed several new members and sadly lost a few of our longer serving members.

The weather unfortunately wasn’t overly kind to us seeming to vary between extreme tropical heat and then continuous rain, and many of our Monday MALC meetings were adversely affected by the weather conditions, but once again our thanks to Pat and Sue for their work and commitment to ensuring these afternoons run smoothly.

We had a full program of friendly games playing 27 home games and 20 away games, with another eight friendly matches being cancelled for a variety of reasons. However, this year, due to ongoing covid restrictions, many of these games were held with reduced numbers, often triples instead of full rinks plus a reduction in the overall number of rinks. This meant that there was less opportunity for members to play in the friendly games, although hopefully, I managed to give everyone who put their name down a fair share of matches.   And again, a huge thank you to all of you who put your names down for games; it’s a great way to spend your afternoon and to get to know members from other clubs. Of the forty-seven games we played

We also entered several external competitions, but sadly this was not Potters Bar’s year. We ended up in the middle of the table for the Brigg League, lost the Top Rink by a whisker, and came second in the Friday evening triples. Although of course, several of our ladies did really well this year with Pam Rodgers, Di Jewell, Di Berry and Anita Bowman getting to Leamington and the Di Jewell, Pam Rodgers partnership won the District Pairs.

As you know I was without a Vice Captain for the season but another big thank you to all who stood in as ‘captain’ when for one reason or another I wasn’t around. And also, I would like to say again how very supportive Richard was as the Men’s Captain and how very much I appreciated the help and support I received from him.

Despite the many challenges and the unusual circumstances of the past two years I have really enjoyed my time as captain and have valued the help and support I received and look forward to another great and successful bowling season in 2022.




Friendly Match Survey

The full survey analysis will be available via the club website, so this is a summary. We received 71 friendly match survey responses and therefore thought the exercise was worthwhile. The results enable us to make adjustments to the 2022 Fixture List. Strong feedback from our previous, current, and future captains has also reinforced the need to,

  • Space out the friendly fixtures more evenly through the season
  • Where feasible, to avoid having multiple fixtures on the same day
  • Make adjustments in friendly fixtures where clubs have let us down – often at short notice or on more than one occasion.

The survey results show our members are:

  • Generally content with the current mix of games and not interested in turning more single gender games into mixed games.
  • They are aware that with a regular influx of new members we need to keep a very healthy list of friendly fixtures, but are also open to the idea of suitable trimming of those games where other clubs simply continue to let us down.
  • There is no strong desire to travel much further to play new clubs but about half of those responding are open to that idea (mild interest) as long as we don’t try to travel too far.
  • Not put off by the thought of playing in away games.
  • Meals are not much of a factor and don’t incentivise members to make playing nominations.
  • Generally members feel the ethos of the club is good and selections are well done and fairly done.
  • Broadly members feel well enabled to play in Friendly games and have suitable access to equipment and coaching,
  • Aware that in some instances they don’t nominate to play in Friendly Games because there is such a rich and varied programme of games on offer (the rising level of involvement in County and District competitions contributes to this).
  • Some newer bowlers (e.g. those in the club for two or three years) are keen to explore ways of getting into more competitions and club representative games; to be better involved and to elevate their playing experience.


2021 Season

  • The fixtures were affected by continuing COVID restrictions. Specific limits in the early season weeks on the number of players on the green required friendly games to be restricted to triples. Other safety considerations had to be addressed as the season progressed. We have noted other clubs also had very disrupted bowling seasons in 2021 and many are adjusting their friendly fixtures.

2022 Fixture List

  • Work on the handbook and fixture list for 2022 is progressing satisfactorily. If there are no new COVID or pandemic or other crises we will be on track to have the handbook ready by the middle to end of March 2022.
  • We had not realised the dates of the two tours in 2021 (albeit adjusted from 2020 dates) would complicate player availability. We have now looked ahead and are advised that there is a District Tour in the week commencing 21st June and additionally we anticipate a Club tour in November 2022. We will seek to avoid scheduling fixtures during these time periods.
  • Following survey feedback and comments from the members and Captains (and also in the light of COVID/membership issues affecting many clubs) the number of friendly fixtures is reducing. From a recent count we estimate for 2022 there will be about 62 friendly fixtures (including such games as the Charles Basten Cup, and the 4 Club Friendly); total comprising of 16 Ladies games and 46 men’s/mixed games. This new total is down from around 73 friendly games scheduled in 2021.
  • Games removed (so far):-
  • Whitethorn 4MXR fixture, (their suggestion – agreed by us)
  • 2x Garston 3MXT fixtures (our proposed action due to their continuing failure to play the agreed games)
  • Hemel Hempstead fixture 3MXT (our action – agreed with Hemel)
  • Metro VIBC 3 MXT fixture (our proposed action; they cannot really sustain two fixtures)
  • Met Police 4MXT fixture (our proposed action following a failure to play a game)
  • 2x ladies fixtures v Cockfosters; agreed by us due to their reductions in their club membership.
  • A special away game at the Isle of Bohemia club is booked on Sunday 3rd July 2022 and we will additionally offer to host Thorpe Bay in 2022.
  • In 2021 some Brigg League matches were rearranged to avoid clashes with SADLBA fixed dates or were moved at the request of other clubs operating in a different ladies district to us. However avoiding fixture clashes remains a challenge.
  • The District Triples league – previously ‘Friday night’ league has now been moved to Friday afternoons. Some of us are sad that this has changed as it was a unique event but I am sure we will enjoy this just as much.

Diane Jewell



2021 was a very difficult year for everybody with a great deal of uncertainty. Despite this we were able to provide some meals. Terry Barker was County President and we catered for his four matches, plus the county Club Team Championship Finials. We also catered for the Presidents Gala Day, Captains Day Jarvis Cup and the Metro Blind Bowlers game.

It was decided not to provide any meals at weekends for friendly games and this will continue. Lots of clubs would now prefer not to provide meals at the weekend which I think will please many of you. We will of course, provide tea and biscuits for all our friendly games midweek and weekends.

Finally thanks to all of you for your continued support especially those who always offer extra help when we need it.




Congratulations to Pam Rodgers Diane Jewell Diane Berry Anita Bowman for winning the county senior fours and then representing the county at Leamington, Diane Jewell for winning the county Unbadged Singles. (I think this was a first for Potters Bar)

We had Finalist in the St Albans District competitions, Pam Rodgers and Diane Jewell won the pairs, and Diane Jewell was runner up in the singles championship and Jean Scott and Brenda Woodman runners up in the Australian pairs.

Our club competitions were well supported and some excellent games played just getting to the finals. I know it’s not always easy but we must allow for possible bad weather, no one wants to play in the rain so could you please arrange you games as early as possible in the allocated time slot, then you will have time to rearrange should it rain on that day. Finals weekend was enjoyed by those who came to support our finalist but it would be nice to see a few more faces next year. This year we went back to presenting the Trophy’s on the green which was a great success, my thanks to John Berry for capturing the moments with his camera.

This year it was difficult to award the Anne Clarke Plate based on points for nominations for friendly games, due to the various changes. This gave us the opportunity to award this trophy to Margaret Baldwin in recognition of the way she organized and encouraged so many of you in 2020 to come and bowl. Once again my thanks to all who entered the competitions and the many who volunteer to mark, my congratulations to the finalist.

After listening to member’s feedback on the Collins this year, we propose to try a different format for 2022. The Collins Trophy will be drawn Australian Pairs 4 woods 15 ends.    

All entrants both male and female will be drawn together this means we could have a female pair, male pair or mixed pair. I think this will make it an enjoyable competition and lots of interesting games to come and support.

The Wednesday night Club Triples League was once again well supported this is open to all members but most importantly it’s to encourage bowlers who don’t normally play many competitive games. You will find the entry list on the main notice board once the season as started.

I look forward to continuing as your Competition Secretary for 2022 please contact me if you have any problems I can normally come up with an answer.






Jean asked for a show of hands, Unanimously approved

Beryl thanks Sue and Gill for coming forward and nominating as our Captain and Vice-Captain. So please show your appreciation and help make their task a bit easier by nominating for the friendly games especially away matches.



The following have agreed to be responsible for:

CATERING ROTA   Anita Bowman and Rita Hamshere


MALC     Pat Feeney and Sue Powers




I would like to begin my Captain’s remarks by thanking Jean for all her hard work over the last two

very difficult seasons. Cancellations, rinks having to be reduced from full to triples and the awful task of having to ask ladies to stand down from a match have not made life easy so we thank you Jean and congratulations on a good two years

I’m delighted that Gill Marshall has agreed to be my Vice-Captain – Gill and I are the Class of 2011. We came along to the same open morning in May of that year and guess what……..Beryl was our coach

I will do my best to be fair in the match selections making sure that our new bowlers and of course the not so new are all given opportunities to play as often as is possible.

I would like to pay a special tribute to our Ladies Secretary, Beryl, for everything that she does not only for this Club but for the help and support that she gives to all of us the Lady members. She really is a star and we thank you Beryl.

To our new bowlers I would say, the only way to improve your game is to put your name down to play in the friendly matches, be brave and enter the Club competitions and when you feel ready put your names down for the District games. Very importantly there is the Malc on Monday afternoons, spoon drives on Bank Holiday Monday and the Wednesday Night Triples League so you see there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the game of bowls.

Lastly I would say that if you have any issues or concerns I would like to hear them face to face and not through Chinese whispers or the grapevine. I will do my level best to iron out any problems as quickly as I can. We have a reputation for being a friendly club both among the members and our visitors……long may that continue.

I wish each and every one of you a very happy and successful bowling season starting in April. Please make sure that you observe the correct dress code, please support your Captain and Vice-Captain and Club Officers. Good luck AND ENJOY A VERY GOOD SEASON.

Sue Thurlow



  1. S.A.D.L.B.A   Beryl explains the situation stated in letter from Pauline Taylor that if there was no nomination for Secretary by the AGM 2nd DEC then the District could fold. Ask the Ladies to try and go to AGM at Hatfield 1.30 pm.
  2. Ladies Lunch Pat and Sue agreed to check out three venues for us and report back, a date was fixed 11th Feb 2022.
  3. Dress Code Diane Jewell explain why they would like to introduce Club Jackets, mainly white with some green and club badge. Pam Rodgers will investigate suppliers.

No further business Meeting closed 3.20 pm.

Pat and Sue presented the MALC CUP to SUE CROSS.




Affiliated to: B.E., H.B., St A. & D. B.A., St A & D. L. B.A., F & D. B.A.