Outdoor bowling within the community

Welcome to Potters Bar Bowls Club 

The club welcomes all new and experienced bowlers who wish to try out or continue participation in the sport.
New bowlers will receive a structured programme of coaching from experienced coaches and can learn at their own pace.
There are many opportunities for new and experienced bowlers to play at the levels they feel comfortable with.

At first new bowlers usually play in “roll ups” which give an opportunity for friendly play with fellow members.
Two rinks are reserved throughout the week for “roll ups”. A full programme of matches against other clubs gives the
chance to compete at a “friendly” level. Internal club competitions provide an opportunity to bowl more competitively as do
local league and trophy matches.

As an affiliated member of National, County and District organisations the club produces representative teams and has
individual entries for their competitions.


Clothing & Equipment



This is the most important part of the kit. In order to avoid damage to the green shoes must have smooth soles with no heels. They typically cost £35 - £60 per pair and may be grey or white for playing in greys and brown or white when playing in “whites” (most people buy white today). They must only be worn for bowling. Please do not wear to and from the club.


The dress code for new members is initially white above the waist and grey below. Normal dress for matches against other clubs is a club shirt with appropriate greys or whites as shown on the match selection sheets. Full details of the club's dress code can be found in the changing rooms.


The club will provide bowls (woods) for new players trying out the sport during coaching session up until the granting of membership when you will need your own set with the weight and running characteristics which you will be comfortable using.
A new set of four bowls costs from £200 but can often be bought second hand for as little as £30 to £90.
Coaches will be pleased to give advice before buying a set of bowls.


The club has six qualified coaches. Follow up coaching sessions are free and would need to be arranged with the coaches at a mutually convenient time.

Playing Times

The green is usually open from late April until the end of September. There are three playing sessions: 10.00 to 13.00,
14.30 to 17.30 and 18.00 till dusk.
The green is shut on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings for maintenance by the green team.
Rink allocation is managed by the Green Ranger and shown on the blackboard outside the men's changing room.

Club Duties

As a member of the club you will required to perform a supporting role. Men are asked to do bar duty, green or building maintenance. Ladies are asked to do catering duties – providing tea or light meals after matches. Whichever rota you participate in, there will always be someone to help and guide you.

Social Activities

The club house is open all year round and in winter is used for a variety of social activities. Members are encouraged to come to the activities which include cribbage, bridge, supper/games evenings and other themed social evenings.


You will be considered for membership when you have been coached to a basic standard and interviewed by two committee members. The current fee for a full year is £145, however this will be adjusted if joining after the start of the bowls season.

Affiliated to: B.E., H.B., St A. & D. B.A., St A & D. L. B.A., F & D. B.A.