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Men’s AGM Wednesday 20th November 2019

Men's AGM Wednesday 20th November 2019


Number of members present 38

Vice-President William Burrows opened the Meeting at 7:30 pm.

  1. Apologies for Absence were received from Bev Nicholls, John Guest, Chas Nethercott, Leslie Chesson, Martin Eccleshall, Brain Hamshere, Martin Wood and Brian Thomlinson.    
  2. Minutes of the Meeting 21st November 2018 circulated with the Agenda sent to all (male) members and displayed on the Club web site pottersbar-bc.com since December 2018.
    Proposed by: Jan Southwell. Seconded by: Ron Golden; nem.con.

    2.1 No matters arising.
  3. Reports:

3a Men’s Captain Steve Hipperson

2019 has not been a vintage year for PBBC as far as trophies won is concerned, a couple of District Club and individual trophies plus the Jarvis and Henry Rose were the sum of our haul; however, that should not detract from the fact that the season was very enjoyable and that is very important.
The green has been very good all season, although a little pushy for the first half, and we can’t complain about the weather, just a few days lost due to the rain.
We played 73 games (men only and mixed} and generally speaking the player response was at times a bit disappointing we managed to fulfil our figures except for a couple of matches, we also had a few cancelled by our opponents.

Category           Tot games           Players required               Players avail             diff
Weekend               32                           335                                  352                  + 17
Weekday               41                           404                                  520                  +116
TOTAL                   73                           739                                  872                  +133
Home games         35                           361                                  361                   + 97
Away games          41                           378                                  414                   + 36

On the face of it, it seems okish, however these figures do not tell the whole story as on a number of occasions phone calls were needed to complete the teams; I am most grateful that there are a number of members who would always answer the call.
We can see from the stats that weekend and away games struggle to attract the numbers required for easy team selection but weekday and home games are more popular, read what you will into this.
I have enjoyed working with Di for the mixed games, it’s been very amicable and I would like to thank Richard for his great support as vice-captain.
Going forward I wish Richard a great and enjoyable season and hope that our members give him every support.


3b Match Secretary David Salmon  

       In a few minutes I shall have retired as your Fixture Secretary, so hopefully you will support Steve Jewell’s nomination as my successor, as he is very keen to take over.

All the 2019 Fixtures have now been arranged with exception of a small handful of Clubs yet to confirm, so now just waiting for the results of the County, District & Prentice Cup “Club Competition Draws” early in the New Year.

Whilst the Green will officially open on Sat 20th April, the Green Rangers have discretion to allow play on the Green up to a week before provided they consider Green conditions compatible. We will be hosting the SADBA Finals on Sat 7th Sept., our Club Finals will be on 14th & 15th Sept. and the Green will close immediately after Captain’s Day on 21st Sept.

I haven’t renewed with Knebworth, as they cancelled their fixture this year and were struggling to get enough players for all their fixtures. As most of you are aware Borehamwood has now closed.

Even though I have secured some new fixtures (hopefully will also include Bush Hill Park), we still have a few free dates yet to fill due to several Clubs cutting back.

Hendon B.C. approached me last year to see if we could arrange a H/A weekend Friendly (4 -5 Mixed Triples), but received too late then to consider, as no available compatible dates. Bearing in mind the distance to travel, would you like a Friendly arranged with Hendon for 2019?
Feedback: Approx. 50% of the members present would support a fixture, if played at a weekend.

Island Bohemian BC enjoyed our company so much, that they decided to play us at Potters Bar in 2019. So if all goes well, we shall return to their Club in 2020.
Feedback: over 90% of those present would like to go direct to the Bowls Club.

As a consequence, I have reversed the Fixture with Thorpe Bay BC, so we will be visiting them again by Coach on Sat 17th August, 2019.   Also 90% of the 2019 Fixtures have been confirmed.

Many thanks for your kind support over the past 5 years and if you have any difficult questions, please refer them to my Succes


3c Competitions Secretary Colin Malone (Not in attendance)

       Thank you to every member who entered the Club Competitions in 2018.   We had 44 members who entered the Men’s Club Competitions in 2018.   Games were played in a timely fashion and I thank all the competitors for this. I received positive feedback for the new schedule of matches on Finals Day this year.

A big thank you to Bill Burrows for running the Catchpole competition again this year; the Men’s night on a Monday is a very important night for new bowlers gaining experience and getting to know existing members in the Club.

A big thank you to all the coaches who did a very good job with these new bowlers this year getting them competent and confident to bowl on Men’s nights and Ladies’ afternoon.

With this year’s intake perhaps Monday nights will be more supported next year. The trophy for the Catchpole is presented on the last Monday session in the season.

The Dearman Cup continues to attract a good number of entrants (38 for 2018) providing confirmation that the move to midweek has been popular. It is also popular to present the trophies for the Dearman Cup and the Troake Cup on the day of the competition rather than at the Dinner & Dance. I understand the Club’s female members will follow this format next year for the Yardley.


Points for discussion and approval at the Meeting:

(a) With our ageing membership I would ask the members to consider only having a morning session for the Hayward next year as many winners of the first round only want to play one game a day. It is not totally fair on those members who do play in the afternoon as well.

Similarly with the Collins, but depending on the number of entries we may need to have morning and afternoon sessions. The Collins is a 2 wood pair’s competition and we have played both 21 and 18 ends previously. The proposal is to move back to 21 ends which is normal for 2 wood pairs.

I would be grateful for comments from the meeting’s attendees on these points.
Feedback: Haywood, there was a general view (if practical) there was no objection to playing in the morning
(Take to AGM for confirmation).

(b)  I understand that at a National level the number of ends for Men’s Pairs has been reduced to 18 ends. I have been asked if I propose to reduce the Lewin Competition (Men’s Pairs) to 18 ends from 21 ends.

I would be grateful for comments from the meeting’s attendees.
Feedback: Agreement that 18 ends should be played.
Noted: S&D BA currently play 21 ends and will be raised by our Representative at a future meeting.

(c)  I would like to propose a new competition for Men or Ladies for 2019. (We can have all male or female pairs or mixed pairs). The competition is solely for newer bowlers. It would be an Australian Pairs format (the lead bowls 2 woods then changes position with the other bowler who proceeds to bowl 4 woods and finally the lead comes back to bowl their other 2 woods). The entry requirements would be newer bowlers in their 2nd and 3rd seasons (not new members in their 2nd and 3rd season with PBBC if they have bowled previously). The final will be played on finals day. The aim is to encourage newer bowlers to enter a competition that they have a good chance of winning. Competitors will learn about both reading heads and leading. The competition would be called the Newer Bowlers Cup for want of a better title. Although this competition will be on the competition form sent out with membership renewal, I would propose to keep the competition open until 1 June 2019 for any late entrants (only the intake for 2017 and 2018 are eligible to enter so I am hoping all those eligible will enter).
Feedback: General agreement but needs to be discussed at the AGM.

(d)  I would like to clarify the arrangements in respect of the competitions not played on Finals Day i.e. Dearman (Mixed), Troake (Men) and Catchpole (Men), Yardley and Malc (both Ladies).

Trophies for the Dearman Cup, Troake Cup and Yardley Trophy will be presented on the day of the Competition.   The Trophy for the Catchpole Cup will be presented at the last Monday session in the season and the Trophy for the Malc is presented at the Ladies AGM. The trophies for the Dearman, Troake and Catchpole have been engraved with the names of winners each year. The Yardley has not been engraved recently but will be engraved with names of the recent winners.  There is a cash prize for the Dearman, Catchpole and Malc winners and runner ups.   Recent winners and runners ups for the Dearman, Troake, Catchpole, Yardley and Malc have not requested a memento trophy for these competitions.

I propose that we do not provide a memento trophy for the Dearman, Troake, Catchpole, Yardley and Malc going forward.
Feedback: Finalists should be allowed to choose if they want a memento (trophy). These would then be presented to the winners/runners up on Captains Day.

The entry fees for the Dearman, Troake and Yardley are:
Dearman - £3 (£2.50 competition fee plus 50p donation to the President’s Charity to avoid having lots of 50ps for change)

Troake - £3 (£2.50 competition fee plus 50p donation to the President’s Charity to avoid having lots of 50ps for change)

Yardley - £1 (this was decided upon by the Ladies’ Competition Secretary in 2018)

The Ladies Competition Secretary proposed at the last Committee Meeting a reduction in the fees for the Dearman and Troake to £1 to bring them in line with the Yardley.

The Dearman has a cash prize for the winner and runner up. We also provide Tea & Biscuits. However we do not have to provide a donation to the President’s charity.

The Troake does not have a cash prize or Tea & Biscuits. We do not have to provide a donation to the President’s charity.

  1. Please can we discuss if we should drop the donation to the President’s charity.

Please can we also discuss if we would like a reduction in the Competition fees for the Dearman and Troake.   I would like to keep the cash prize for the Dearman as this has been successfully received by the entrants. This is approximately equivalent to £1 per entrant. We also have the cost of Tea & Biscuits and engraving the Trophy. So I would estimate the lowest fee would be £2 to break even with little benefit for the Club.

With regard to the Troake the only cost is engraving the trophy and the rest of the fee goes to the club. We could reduce this fee to £1 to bring it in line with the Yardley but the Club will lose out.

  1. Please can we discuss a reduction in the entrance fees for the Dearman and Troake.

The fee for the Catchpole is £1 per week and this will remain unchanged. This funds the cash prize. The fee for the Malc is £1 per week and this also funds a cash prize and will remain unchanged.

Feedback: (1) Recognizing that this is an AGM decision the Meeting proposed to charge £3 for all competitions (this to include any cost of tea/biscuits).
(2) The views expressed were firmly against making any contribution within the fee to the President’s charity. “Charitable donations should be voluntary”

Salvas and mementos for the Jim Sales Salva and Anne Clarke Plate will continue the recent practice of being presented at the Dinner & Dance.

(e)  It is proposed to move the draw for the 2019 Club Competitions from Wednesday 27th March 2019 to Wednesday 10th April 2019.   The aim is to carry out the draw nearer the time when we are all thinking about the new bowls season and so get more attendees at the competition draw night.
Feedback: No one spoke against this proposal.


3d Division (South) Graham Marriner


The County Semi-Finals were held at Hatfield BC and the Finals at Bishop’s Stortford BC; both very successful events. Hertfordshire winning the Junior Pairs in the National Finals at Leamington. Men’s Inter Divisional matches were played at Herts B.C.in August and with the South Division coming in third place. Phil commented on the lack of support by clubs in nominating players for this event and asked Club Secretaries to make greater efforts in the future to encourage players to participate.

The Inter Club Divisional League event was held on Sunday 2nd September. The Men’s Final was won by Harpenden BC.

       Club Divisional League Final was won by Harpenden BC, Runners-Up Townsend BC, 3rd Welwyn Garden City BC and 4th Potters Bar BC. Unfortunately the trophies from the previous year, apart from the 3rd place trophy, had not been returned and no presentations were possible. The Runners-Up trophy had been brought to the meeting and was presented to Townsend BC.

The South Division Club Team Championship was won by Welwyn Garden City BC defeating Hatfield BC and held on 23rd July at De Havilland BC.

In 2019 the South Division is responsible for the County Triples and Welwyn & District is to host the Quarter Finals matches



Phil Havord reported that he would not be standing as Chairman for the 2019 season and a replacement would need to be sought. The Secretary reported that there were no additional nominations for South Division Officers the existing incumbents would remain as the status quo with Men’s Secretary – Roger Carter (Hatfield). The nominations from the men were Richard Lush (Hatfield) and Chris Gray (Oak Hill) for selection duties.



The draw for the County League groups for 2019 and 2020 was carried out.

MEN’S LEAGUE GROUP A                                   MEN’S LEAGUE GROUP B

De Havilland BC                                                      North Mymms BC

Potters Bar BC                                                        Welwyn Garden City BC

St.Albans BC                                                           Harperbury BC

Harpenden BC                                                         Hatfield BC

Welwyn & District BC                                              Townsend BC

Shire Park BC (if entering)                                       Oak Hill BC


Harpenden BC will host the Semi-Finals and Finals on Sunday 1st September 2019.


EVERSLEY CLUB TEAM TROPHY De Havilland BC to host the Final of the South Division Club Team Trophy on Monday 22nd July 2019



Welwyn & District BC to host the Quarter Finals of the Men’s Triples on 30th May 2019.

Welwyn Garden City BC to host the Quarter Finals of the Ladies Triples on 30th May 2019.



I presented my report on Coaching and Bowls Development and drew attention to the Coaching Level 1 Course at Harpenden IBC and Mote Park IBC, Level 2 Course at Harpenden and an Activator Module at Hatfield IBC. There has been very good response from Clubs claiming the £250 from the BDA for successfully recruiting 7 or more new members

NEXT MEETING: South Division AGM would be held on Monday 7th January 2019 at 7.30pm at Hatfield BC


3e St Albans & District B.A. David Salmon

Subject to the AGM on 30th January, 2019, Mike Scandrett (de Havilland) will be the new President and Terry Atkinson (North Mymms) Vice President.

The District urgently need volunteers to join the Executive Committee for:-

  • Junior Deputy Vice President.
  • Competitions Secretary.

If a volunteer for “Competitions Secretary” does not come forward by the AGM at Hatfield on 30th January, then it will be a struggle for Mike Woodhams & Mike Scandrett to run the Competitions during 2019. Furthermore if the position is not filled for the 2020 Season, then there will be a question mark as to whether SADBA Competitions will continue!

So, if any of you think you may be able to help out, please let me know as soon as possible.

Please note that the 1st Round of the “Bob Vise” clashes with the County Gala, so Clubs will have to make do.

If it turns out that County Fixtures being played at Hatfield clash with a SADBA Draw, then the District considers it would not be unreasonable for SADBA Comps to be played before the “Play by date”.

If you will be playing for Potters Bar in the “President’s Invitation Fixture” at Hatfield on Sun 27th January, then please make sure that you do not put your name down for selection on the SADBA Fixture Sheet, as you can’t play for both sides !

Brian Burfoot is the District Match Secretary and is always looking for new names to play for the District. So whether a new or an experienced bowler, please regularly check the Fixtures shown on the Notice Board by the Men’s Changing Room Entrance and put your name down for selection if you would like to participate.

District Competitions 2019

The “Closing Date for receipt of the Competition Entry Forms is 30th Nov., 2018. I shall be taking Forms off the Notice Board for submission this evening, so if you have omitted to enter and still wish to do so then insert your details on the forms immediately after this Meeting.


  1. Election of officers:

The Meeting agreed to the President reading the names (on-block) of the Members prepared to stand for office in 2018/2019.

Position Name Proposed by Seconded by
Captain Steve Hipperson Terry Barker Bob Maule
Vice-Captain Richard Winn Terry Barker Graham Marriner
Match Secretary Steven Jewell Stuart Frost David Salmon
Competition Secretary Colin Malone William Burrows Richard Winn
Division (South) & H.B.


Graham Marriner Terry Barker David Salmon
St Albans & D. B.A.


David Salmon Mick Brennan    Bob Maule


4.1 Proposed: Barry Woodman and Seconded: Bill Massey and carried unanimously.

  1. Any Other Business:

5.1 Club Shirts (Barry Woodman)

       BW brought an example of each of the three designs (a) Club Shirt; approved at the 2004 AGM and Minute 14th July 2005. (b) Cotton version with green raglan sleeves (c ) Women’s Club shirt.

5.1.1 It was argued that the material the men’s shirt was manufactured in was not explicitly stated in the Minutes but was discussed at the time of the vote.

5.1.2 A number of Members express concern, that have been supplied with a cotton version of the Club shirt (at a cost of £37.50) they might be not allowed to wear the shirt in games when representing the Club.

       Proposed: Barry Woodman and Seconded: David Salmon that until the matter is resolved those having purchased a cotton shirt should be allowed to continue wearing the shirt when representing the Club

5.1.3 Members also commented on ‘fading’; the polyester material is colour-fast and crease resistant (no-ironing) whereas cotton does fade over-time and also needs ironing. “This was a matter discussed at the time of the original decision”.

5.1.4 Shirts were ordered through Anne Throup and believed she had spoken to member/members of the Committee. There was general agreement that no criticism was focused on Anne, who has done excellent work of the years on ordering clothing, we cannot find who had spoken/recorded a conversation with Anne.

5.1.5 An example for the S&D B.A. shirt was also show by BW. The material is a composite of cotton and polyester and Brian Burfoot is to provide details to Hon. Sec.

5.1.6 Management Committee should be asked to consider the issue of the Club shirt; taking into account:
a. What type of shirt (material)
b. What style and color
c. Agreement on the overall design.
Proposed: D. Arnold and Seconded: D. Salmon carried on a show of hands (one member voting against).
ACTION: Hon. Sec. to take to Management Committee Jan/Feb 2019.

5.1.7 Ron Golden, on the recent Tour to Cyprus, showed the Meeting a sheet of shirt designs and suggested we should consider a more ‘colorful’ design. (Inputs to the Committee 5.1.6)

5.1.8 Question asked “Why do the women has a different design to the Men”? (Committee 5.1.6)

5.1.9 Request that Club holds a small stock of shirt sized for speedier supply. Names can be added by the ‘local’ embroiders on the high street. (Treasurer) Terry Barker agreed with this suggestion (Committee 5.1.6)

5.2. Changing Annual Dinner to Lunch    

5.2.1 Comments from the ‘floor’ Special occasion, Gala event, Powerful statement of Potters Bar B.C. to the wider bowls community.

5.2.2 Holding a Lunch would not be attractive to members, not having a trophy to collect.

5.2.3 Women already have a Lunch, so what would be the attraction to come to a second lunch?

5.2.4 Points worth considering: is the size of the venue ideal? Any changes cannot be made till 2020 as the Golf Club has already been paid a sizable deposit to hold for 2019.

  1. Date of the next Gentlemen’s Annual Meeting

Wednesday 20th November 2019 (7:30 pm)

Hon. Sec. Graham gave the Meeting a message from President Susan Thurlow
“A very big thank you for all the help and support you all have given me throughout my year.

The success of my Charity is down to members of the Club and their contributions…Thank you”

“I feel so privileged to have been your President, a very special and long to be remembered year”


Minutes signed-off:
President: Date:

The Meeting closed at 8.52 pm


Reference A.O.B. 5.1 this is an extract from the Management Committee 14th July 2005.

  1. Club Shirts

3.1 Over the past six months a careful excise has been carried out to ensure all members of the Club were given the chance to be involved in the way forward on the whether to change the existing dress code in relation to the shirt worn by gentlemen at the Club. In the first vote two options each captured the same number of votes.

3.2 The President and Ladies Captain proposed that in the second round of voting only the men should be involved, since the matter related to their dress code. In the second round 82% of the (gentlemen) members participated and by 2:1 voted for a change in the dress code that (a) introduced a Club shirt (b) relaxed the wearing of the Club tie under certain defined playing conditions.

3.3 All matters relating to this subject have been published in the Feedback News Letter and displayed on the main notice board.

3.4 The new Club shirt has been chosen by the ‘league’ managers’ i.e. Roy Tansey, Stuart Frost, Richard Winn, Alan Dick, Derek Goodwin and others.

Barry Bowman/Martin Wood proposed/seconded original AGM 2004 resolution. The Operations Committee has also endorsed the choice of shirt.

3.5 The shirt has been registered with the County as per the E.B.A. requirements.

3.6 An order form has been placed on the main notice board and the members will be given 2 week (approx.) to place their orders. It is expected that the shirts will arrive in 6 weeks (approx.) from date of the order.

‘The Shirt the members voted-on was made with polyester material’.