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Men’s AGM, Wednesday 24th November 2021

Men's AGM, Wednesday 24th November 2021


Number of members present 26

President Jan Southwell opened the Meeting at 7:32 pm.

  1. Apologies for Absence were received from Brian Burfoot, Hugh Crisham, Barry Knapp, Eric Marriner, Keith Lucas, Barry Woodman, Brian Clarke, Brian Vince,
    Brian Finch, Michael Sharon, Mike Miller, Dr A Dick, David Astley and Ron Golden.
  2. Minutes of the Meeting
    No Men’s AGM was held in 2020, due to COVID. However, reports on the Officers’ activities were sent to all members on the 20th November 2019. It is a requirement for Club members to agree the signing of the Minutes (a copy of the Minutes have been placed on the Club website since late 2019).
  3. Proposed by David Salmon and Seconded by Bev Nichols and carried nem.con.
    3.1 No matters arising.
  1. Reports:

4a Men’s Captain [Richard Winn]

When I was elected as your men’s captain in the autumn of 2019 little did, I know what was about to unfurl. In 2020 all our competitive and friendly games were cancelled and just a very limited and restricted amount of bowling was had, Chris our competition secretary for the year managed to cobble together the “Covid cup” which was a great success. Even though we were in a very restricted year work continued for the green and maintenance teams many thanks to all concerned. As it was impossible to hold any end of year meetings, I carried on for the following year 2021 started with many Covid restrictions in place limiting the number of players on the green this didn’t ease until mid-June when things got back to near normal.

Of a total of 68 friendly games:

2 were lost to bad weather.
4 was lost to covid related issues
6 was cancelled by the other clubs
1 was cancelled by us
8 was reduced in numbers of players for covid issues
9 was reduced by the other clubs
6 was reduced by us
2 was reduced by mutual agreement
A total of 13 games lost and 25 changed.  We won 30, lost 23, drew 2 and had 13 cancelled

Not the easiest of years for getting players we only managed to play many of the games by myself and Mick running around begging, cajoling, pleading, blackmailing, bribing and threatening to get enough players particularly for the away games

A club of our size we shouldn’t be in this position, I know covid played a part, but it was just as bad when Steve was captain in 2019, so please next year give Mick the support he needs and not make his job so difficult

Of the competitive games.
The county league we finished 2nd in our group and finished 3rd at the area finals at Harpenden beating Townsend. (Our best result so far).

St Albans & District Triples league lost in semi-final to W.G.C.
Team Ten lost in quarter final to W.G.C.
Team Championship lost in first round to W.G.C.
St Albans & District Jones cup lost in the final to Welwyn & District
St Albans & District Bob Vise Trophy lost in the final to St Albans Townsend

Finchley & district President’s cup “We won” well done Jan and tea
Finchley & district Prentice Cup lost in the semi-final

At the St Albans & District finals Richard Pearce won District Singles and the team of Steve Jewell, Di Jewell, Beryl Burbridge and David Sparrow won the Stockman Winser

A very well done to our winning teams, a year of near misses but you gave us some great moments I’m proud of you all and a very special thank you to all my team captains for your hard work through the year.

On a more serious note, we are still getting far too much damage to our green with an unacceptable level of divots being taken out of the green this is breaking the hearts of the green team when all their hard work goes for nought. Please when playing if you see the green getting damaged take action, put the mats down, have a word with the person involved, none of us are getting any younger some of us are getting a little rounder so we are not getting down as low as we used to, go see one of the coaches who would be happy to review your action. If we don’t do this ourselves the club will have to find a way to stop the damage.

I would like to end with a few special thanks

To our green team whose efforts during the year with the green being flooded on numerous occasions kept us playing they are real heroes

To my fellow captain Jean for a job well done it was a pleasure to work with you

To Mick my vice-captain I could not have done this job without your marvellous help, which I called on far too many times, listening to my moaning and groaning most mornings I am sure you will make a great captain have a wonderful year

Lastly thank you all for your support through the year it has been a privilege and an honour to have served as your Captain


4b Match Secretary [Steven Jewell]
The Report, the details of which were presented to the Management Committee in October 2021, is attached to the Minutes. Steven did not read out the report as it is lengthy. He explained the overall situation and the action being taken. We are seeking to avoid fixture clashes and the impact of any tours. There is a small reduction in the number of friendly games (largely resulting from Covid) but there will still be a very extensive fixture list and playing opportunities for members. Steven answered various questions from the members; e.g., are we adjusting the fixtures v Hatfield? (Answer yes); do we believe members will travel further for games? – answer, possibly, but we are very careful about travel times; what can be done to ensure members don’t prioritize the Club triples over other games? Answer, the Club Triples is really targeted at the newer bowlers so for example Diane and I have stopped playing in this competition. We feel members should respond to the Club Captains needs and prioritize playing commitments according to their requests. The members thanked Steven for his report.


4c Competitions Secretary [Colin Malone]

We had 48 Men who entered Competitions this year, and they made up the 326 entries in all our competitions for Men.  There were also 11 Ladies who entered the St Albans Salver (Fixed Jack) competition.  Congratulations to Pam Rodgers who became only the 2nd lady to win that competition.

The Troake was rained off in August but when we re-arranged it in September, we had 34 entries and this response has prompted us to move this competition to September for 2022.   There were 30 entrants for the Dearman.  A big thank you to all entrants.

It all seems a long time ago but our decision in February to run a full competition programme turned out to be a correct one.  In February the pathway out of lockdown was announced by the Government but restrictions on playing were with us into May and June.  This truncated the period available to play matches.  Thank you to all the entrants who managed to get all their matches completed for Finals Weekend.   The weather was not very kind to us during the season and I would like to thank David Salmon for allowing matches to be played on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings in the latter half of the season.  Without this gesture we may well have not been able to get all the matches played in time for the Finals Weekend.

It was pleasing to see new faces in the Finals this year and presenting the trophies on the green after the matches was also well received.

Thank you to John Berry for the photos he took of the finalists, markers and scorers and the speed with which these photos and match results were put on the Club’s Website.

The trophies have been engraved with the names of this year’s winners and will have been presented at the Dinner Dance on 20 November.

Finally, thank you to all the members who marked matches for each other.

After consultation with members, it is proposed that we alter the format of the Collins Trophy next year.  As a result of the number of female and male members we now get approximately twice the number of Male to Female entrants.  The Collin Trophy in 2022 will be a drawn Australian pairs competition with 4 woods over 15 ends.  All the entrants, both male and female, will go into the draw for pairs so we could have all female or male pairs and mixed pairs.  This follows the entrant format of the St Albans Salver (Fixed Jack) where we have males and females competing against each other.


4d  Division [South] & H.B. Report [Graham Marriner]

The full Report is attached to the Minutes and GM will be pleased to respond to any details that might require further qualification.


4e   St Albans & District B.A. [David Salmon]

2021 was a record year for both Potters Bar Bowls Club/Members, having reached 9 Finals of the 12 SADBA Competitions and securing 3 Trophies.
For 2022:

  • Club Rink League to continue to be 3 Rinks. (Only one Lady allowed to play in event of emergency when short of players.)
  • Jones Cup Final will be played on the Friday evening immediately prior to Finals Day, to ensure no clash of players in other Finals.
  • Competitions to continue with change of format:  Pairs – 4 woods, 18 ends, Triples – 3 woods 15 ends, Fours – 2 woods, 18 ends. (No change to Singles & 2 Wood Triples.)
  • As still no volunteers, Terry Atkinson to continue as President and Ian Hulley to take over from Brian Burfoot as Match Secretary. (Brian retiring on age/health grounds.) However, DS believes he is now likely to continue in Post.
  • Due to lack of support from several Clubs, reduced number of Outdoor Fixtures planned. (Will continue playing President v Own Club, SADLBA, London Scottish, Shield Matches and hopefully Maurice Watson & Gordon Ridout if get more support.)
  • Slimmed down “Indoor Fixtures” (in 2021) to continue subject to sufficient support.
  • Executive Meetings reduced to 4 p.a. (SADBA Officers to continue meeting or have Zoom Meetings in between.)
  • Trophies will be presented at the end of each Final, then taken away for engraving.

Volunteers still required for positions of Deputy President, Junior President and some other Offices.


2022 Competition Entry Forms

Very few entries so far – Both Forms B & C have been on the Club “SADBA Notice Board” near the “Men’s  Changing Rooms door” since mid-September.

If you wish to enter, please do so ASAP as the Forms will be removed circa 28th November in order to be processed to meet the SADBA Entry Deadline of 30th November.


  1. Election of officers:

The Meeting agreed to the President reading the names (on-block) of the Members prepared to stand for office.

Position Name Proposed by Seconded by
 Captain Mike Brennan David Sparrow Chris Budden
 Vice-Captain Chris Budden Mick Brennan Bob Maul
 Match Secretary Steven Jewell David Sparrow Jan Southwell
Competition Secretary Colin Malone Barry Bowman Jan Southwell
Division (South) & H.B. Representative Graham Marriner Terry Barker Richard Winn

5.1 Proposed: Jan Southwell and Seconded: Terry Barker and carried unanimously [show of hands].

6. Any Other Business: No AOB’s received by the Hon. Sec.

7. Date of the next Gentlemen’s Annual Meeting Wednesday 23rd November 2022 (7:30 pm)

Minutes signed-off:
President: Date:

The Meeting Closed: 8:10pm



Affiliated to: B.E., H.B., St A. & D. B.A., St A & D. L. B.A., F & D. B.A.