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AGM Draft Minutes, Wednesday 2nd March 2022

AGM Draft Minutes, Wednesday 2nd March 2022

The meeting opened at 7:30 pm

43 members (signed-in)

President Jan Southwell asked Members to take a few moments to remember our members who are sadly no longer with us.

1. Apologies for absence:
Alan Dick, Eric Marriner, Keith & Julie Lucas, Andrew & Penney Billington, Leslie Chesson, Di & John Berry,
David Redington, Brian Finch, Ron Golden, Stuart Frost, Dee Lawrence, Viv Foley, Sue Cross, Bev & Jackie Nicholls,
Janet O’Hagan, David Best, Rita Hamshere, Brenda Woodman, William Burrows.

2. Minutes of the AGM held on 8th January 2020
2.1 Proposed by: David Arnold Seconded by Mike Brennan and carried nem.con.
Signed by: President Jan Southwell.

3. Matters Arising
3.1 No matters arising - None.

4. President’s Address – Jan Southwell
4.1 Good evening, all. May I welcome you here to our 2021/22 AGM. The time has flown-by during my Presidency, but restrictions have been difficult, but we have managed to weather the storm. We have had a very successful bowling year with our IOW Tour, trip to Portugal in October and talented Ladies winning the Senior 4’s and with it a place at Leamington; well done ladies. Terry Barker has been H.B. County President for the past two years and as Club President to has been a great honor to hand the green over to him. I would thank you all for your support and generosity for my chosen Charity, Fight Bladder Cancer which raised £1,510.
I would like to take this opportunity to wish, incoming President Steve Hipperson, all the best for this coming season and I am sure you will support him as you did with me. Thank you.

5. Hon. Secretary’s Report – Graham Marriner
5.1 Governance of the Club: We were not able to run an AGM planned for January 2021 due to Covid restriction. However, the Management Committee held meetings 21st July; 19th October and the Women’s AGM [23rd November] and Men’s AGM [24th November]. Extensive use was made of the email [Committee inter-actions] and phone during the Pandemic.
5.2 Covid 19: We have followed the guidance of the Government and our national governing body Bowls England. A big vote of thanks to all the Club Officers and other members who worked to allowed the Club to safely manage the opening of the Club and the Green Team who delivered a very good playing surface.
5.3 Honour’s Boards: The Boards have all been updated/reprinted and will be installed in the next week; after confirmation of Officers for 2022.
5.4 Recruitment: The Hon. Membership Secretary will give you the exact figures for 2021. However, the good news is that we have recovered from a fall in numbers due to worries about Covid in the 2020 season. Our Club is to run two Open Morning [30th April & 15th May 2022]. B.E. and Coach Bowls Ltd will again be running a national campaign, aimed at attracting families to a Gala type Open Weekend. However, we have been able to achieved the number of new members we require using our own resources.
5.5 Coaching Team: The Club has a very good team: Colin Malone; Mick Brennan, Beryl Burbridge, Brian Burfoot; Pam Rodgers; Steve Anchor and Graham Marriner who is County Coaching Coordinator and Coaching Tutor/Assessor. We need to give a big thank-you to other members of the Club who support the work of the Coaching Team.
5.6 H.B. President: Terry Barker took Office in January 2020 [Centenary of Herts County Bowls]. Covid meant that both Terry and Betty Ottaway, the Women’s President, are continuing in Office until the County AGM on 3rd April 2022.
5.7 Club Officers: Being unable to hold an A.G.M in 2021 has required all of the Management Team to stay in post until [a] Women’s and Men’s AGMs and [b] 2022 AGM. The seamlessly management of the Club has been possible due to the dedicated work of your Management Team, since the last A.G.M. [8th Jan. 2020].
5.8 Q/ on publishing the Men’s AGM on web site. I have twice asked for the Draft Minutes to be published and will again contact JB to put this on the web asap.

6. Men’s Captain Report – Richard Winn
Refer to the Minutes of the Men’s Annual Meeting (24th November 2021) The Draft Minutes are published on the Club Web site. www.pottersbar-bc.com

7. Women’s Captain Report – Jean Scott
Refer to the Minutes of the Women’s Annual Meeting (23rd November 2021) The Draft Minutes are published on the Club Web site. www.pottersbar-bc.com

8. Hon Treasurer’s Report – Terry Barker
8.1 Report & Accounts year ending the 31st October 2021, copy sent to all members with the A.G.M. Calling Notice.
8.2 Q/ Is there to be a credit-card payment introduced at the Club.
A/ TB advised; this is being investigated, but it is not straight forward in implementing a system.
8.3 Request by SJ to members for them to send in their subs; to help complete the Handbook for 2022.
8.4 We have received notification, from Wason Male & Wagland Solicitors, of a £1,000 bequest from Pat Goodwin [subject to Probate].

9. Hon. Auditors’ report – David Salmon & Bob Maule
9.1 David Salmon was pleased to confirm that he and Bob Maule after fully auditing the R&A, produced by Terry Barker, can approve the Accounts for the Year Ending 31st October 2021.

10. Adoption of the Accounts
10.1 Proposed by Beryl Burbridge Seconded by Margret Baldwin.
Carried: nem.con. Signed by: Terry Barker (Treasurer); David Salmon (Auditor) and Jan Southwell (President)

11. Membership Secretary’s report – Peter Openshaw
11.1 At the end of 2021 we had a total of 142 members, (13 Assocs., 76 Gents Full, 1 Men’s Life, 50 Women Full, 2 Women Life).
11.2 At end of the previous year (2020) our total was 139 members. So, our membership numbers have held up well considering the challenging times we have been going through. We had 17 new members join many of whom have joined in well with club activities.
11.3 Open Mornings are planned for 30th April and 15th May, so please encourage interested people to contact Graham Marriner to add their names to our list and to come along on those dates.
11.4 We also had 21 Social Members who carried over their membership from the previous year even though social activities were very much restricted.
11.5 Subscription Renewal forms have gone out for this year together with Competition Entry forms, please complete these and return to Terry Barker if you have not already done so.

12. Hon. Match Secretaries Reports – Steven Jewell & Diane Jewell
12.1 Refer to the Minutes of the Men’s Annual Meeting (24th Nov. 2021) and
Women’s Annual Meeting (23rd Nov. 2021).

13. Bar Chairman’s report – Terry Barker
13.1 TB referred members to his Treasurers (Report & Accounts 2021) item 8

14. Green Keepers report – David Salmon/David Arnold
14.1 Despite adverse weather conditions, the speed of the Green substantially improved during the past 2 years thanks to the work carried out by Kevin Brazier and the Green Team.
14.2 We are still waiting for Canada Life to proceed with inserting a “root barrier”, to curtail the subsidence during prolonged dry weather caused by the Oak Tree roots. They are under almost a third of Rink 6 and have now spread to Rink 5. Until the work is carried out, it is likely that the use of Rinks 5 & 6 will need to be avoided, when possible, for Competitions during the Summer months.
14.3 Divots: It is inevitable that a bowler with a smooth delivery may on a rare occasion cause a divot during the Season. However, during last Season, there was a substantial increase in damage to the Green from divots. Sadly, we have a handful of experienced bowlers who regularly cause divots and getting worse with age, as well as some newer bowlers yet, they seem oblivious for the need to put Nets down, thus spoiling the Green for the majority.
14.4 The new growth from seeding during the End of Season Renovations does not have time to fully develop until well into the following Season. In effect, the new grass that replaces previous year divots during the early part of the Season is tender with shallow root growth, so more prone to divots then the older grass. So, a downward cycle, the more divots there are around the normal mat area one Season means a greater need for Nets down during April/May or longer for the following Season!
14.5 Use of Nets: During periods of wet-weather or when the Green is very tender, the “Rinks Board” will state if Nets are required. Even when Nets Down are not requested, every Member on a Rink is personally responsible for protecting the Green, irrespective of whether they were the one that caused the Divot. The early warning signs that Nets may need to be put down are when players hear a thud, see the Wood bounce or subsequently see the Bowler step forward to stamp on the Green. At this point if any damage has been caused, Nets must be put down immediately before play continues.
14.6 Regular Divoters: If it becomes apparent that you are regularly causing divots, then please:-
1. Put Nets down at all times before you commence play.
2. Contact one of our Club Coaches. (In most cases they are likely to be able to help you improve your delivery of the Wood or, recommend a change to your delivery style).
3. Once signed off by the Coach, then recommence Bowling without the automatic need for Nets down before you start playing.
14.7 The “end of Season renovations” went well and my grateful thanks to all the volunteers that assisted. The Green is currently looking in good condition and bodes well for the forthcoming outdoor Season.

15. Maintenance Chairperson’s report – Barry Bowman
15.1 The new fencing was carried out during the lock-down and my thanks goes the Maintenance Team and in particular to the excellent ‘carpentry’ skills of Terry White

16. Hon Competition Secretary’s report – Colin Malone & Beryl Burbridge
16.1 Refer to the Minutes of the Men’s Annual Meeting (24th Nov. 2021) and Women’s Annual Meeting (23rd Nov. 2021).

17. Social Chairperson – no one currently in Post.
17.1 Steven Anchor (and Eileen) were thanked for their successful New Year ‘party’; everyone attending was delighted and the AGM applauded his efforts. SA plans to hold another NY party at the end of 2022.
17.2 TB offered a vote of thanks to the Ladies for their success of the Friday night suppers and the contribution made to the PBBC ‘account’.

18. Press Officer – Susie Thurlow
18.1 Very successful coverage in the W&H Times with articles/pictures in virtually every edition.
18.2 Wished to thank everyone who provided articles for the Club News; next edition at the beginning of the season.

19. Election of Officer and Management Committee Members

 President Steve Hipperson Chris Budden Jan Southwell *
 Vice President Barry Bowman Jan Southwell Mick Brennan
 Hon. Treasurer Terry Barker William Burrows Terry White
 Hon. Secretary Graham Marriner Terry Barker Richard Winn
 Hon. Membership Secretary Peter Openshaw Stuart Frost Chris Budden
 Bar Chairperson Terry Barker Terry White William Burrows
 Green Keepers D. Salmon & D. Arnold Richard Pearce Peter Openshaw
 Maintenance Chairperson Barry Bowman Terry White David Arnold
 Social Chairperson**      
 Press Officer Susie Thurlow Pat Feeney Susan Powers
 Internet Officer John Berry Graham Marriner Terry Barker
 Child & Vulnerable Persons Officer Graham Marriner Peter Openshaw Colin Malone
 Hon. Auditors D. Salmon & B. Maule Terry Barker Graham Marriner
 Welfare Officer Susan Powers Pat Feeney Brenda Woodman

* Jan Southwell presented the Chain-of-Office to Steve Hipperson
** "No Takers"  the post remains open to receive a nomination during the year.

19.1 President Steve called for the approval of the Officers to be taken en bloc.

Called for a show of hands approving the nominations - carried nem.con.
19.2 The President thanked the members for nominating him and looked forward to the year ahead.
19.3 The President’s chosen charity is the Headway - the brain injury association

20. A.O.B
20.1 Life Membership: The proposal to award Anne Throup with Life Membership was unanimously supported by the members present. A certificate will be presented to Anne in the next few days.
20.2 Replacement Trustee: The proposal to appoint Rita Hamshere as Anne Throup’s replacement was unanimously supported by the members present.
20.3 Club Over-Jacket: Some confusion over who was proposing the Over-Jacket [established that Pam Rodgers was supporting this item but was not present at the AGM]. Proposed by SJ seconded by CB, agreed by members present to take this item to the Management Committee and then refer to the members before the final decision.
20.4 PBBC Constitution: Members present agreed the change to para 3.2 [e] to read Associate Members shall have the full use of the Club excluding the right to bowl.
20.5 Club to consider adopting an on-line booking system [as proposed by DA]. The item proved lively discussion, highlights below. Members present agreed to have the item referred to Management Committee to investigate possible options and bring forward for discussion with membership
Q.1 Concerns over system to ensure there can be no over-writing of someone’s earlier booking in their time-slot.
Q.2 Need to retain dedicated Roll-Up rinks [as at present].
Q.3 Need to consider the ability/effort to book the whole fixtures programme.
Q.4 Clearly describe a system that [a] provides ‘simple’ booking of a rink and [b] the booking of competitions.
Q.5 Describe the FULL costs of the system and the on-going running costs
Q.6 How do members with no IT understanding and how to use a PC based system do their bookings
Q.7 Will an IT based booking system remove the chance to meet fellow bowlers at the Club [based around their
visiting to book] Like meetings around the ‘water dispenser’ in the office?
Q.8 Described as a future project [not this season]. Adoption will be after full discussion with the Members.
Q.9 We need to consider the current tried and tested approach to booking e.g., do we retain the Rink Allocation Board?
Q.10 Interaction with the Pavilion Rinks Board and allocation of Rinks by the Green Team
Q.11 In considering systems we need to check out Bowls England booking system.

Date of AGM Wednesday 4th January 2023- starting at 7:30 pm

The Hon. Secretary having received no other AOB’s, the President closed the Meeting.

Meeting closed: 8:45 pm

Minutes signed off President